The Implications of the Sox’s Opening Day DL


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Image from: Boston Herald – Matt Stone

The countdown is now at six days until the Red Sox open up their highly anticipated 2016 campaign.They are finalizing their roster and four players are officially on the opening day disabled list. While you never want to see anyone start off your season on the DL, we are lucky the timetables of the injured shouldn’t be too long. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for the 2016 Red Sox in the early months or longer down the road.

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2016 Bullpen Changes Bring Excitement

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The Red Sox bullpen could prove to be a much different bullpen from last year. Despite the fact that it can’t get much worse, we can be assured that there is a real reason for excitement. This offseason we obtained Craig Kimbrel from a prospect-packaged deal from San Diego on November 13th. Then, less than a month later, on December 7th, we acquired a right-handed setup man Carson Smith and lefty Roenis Elías from a trade with Seattle, that sent Wade Miley packing. I hope he likes his Starbucks because Dunkin Donuts may be hard to come by over there in Seattle. Here is a breakdown on the relievers that are going to be a staple in our bullpen:

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