Red Sox 2011 Draft Class Making Huge Impact Five Years Later

When you look at the 2016 Red Sox team, it is hard to not think about post season, and post seasons for years to come. This team seems like the real deal right now. There are some questions about the team that still have to be answered, of course, but what teams don’t have kinks to figure out. However, this team we are seeing, a lot of its success can be contributed to half a decade ago. Yes, if it weren’t for 2011, I don’t know if we would be the same happy Red Sox fans we all are at this time and place.

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The Implications of the Sox’s Opening Day DL


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.03.21 PM
Image from: Boston Herald – Matt Stone

The countdown is now at six days until the Red Sox open up their highly anticipated 2016 campaign.They are finalizing their roster and four players are officially on the opening day disabled list. While you never want to see anyone start off your season on the DL, we are lucky the timetables of the injured shouldn’t be too long. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for the 2016 Red Sox in the early months or longer down the road.

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Catch the Competition for Opening Day

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.29.07 PM
Image from: Today’s Knuckleball

Coming into the 2016 Red Sox season, Red Sox fans should be very eager for the competition between Blake Swihart and Christian Vazquez contending for the opening day catcher role. There are several arguments as to why both could win the starting role, but besides how well they perform in spring training, let’s look at the various positives they both bring to Fort Myers.

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