Possible Excuses For Wade Boggs ’96 Ring

Last night the Red Sox honored the 1986 American League champion Boston Red Sox team. This year now marks the 30-year anniversary of the 1986 team, despite how devastatingly that season ended, the Red Sox alumni were honored. The ceremony could have been put together last night, as tonight, May 26, was the unveiling of Wade Boggs’ number retirement, which was 26. See what the Red Sox did there…

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Xander Bogaerts’ Power Still Topic of Discussion

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.44.15 PM
Image from: Boston Herald

The most recent buzz around Red Sox Nation has been centered on the recent call up of Christian Vazquez, however, there is still plenty of talk centered around Xander Bogaerts’ hitting power. Red Sox fans are waiting for the day when Bogaerts hits for power. However, that day won’t necessarily come until he starts belting 20+ home runs a season. The shortstop received a Silver Slugger Award last year after having a very solid offensive season. He batted .320 with 81 RBI’s, 7 home runs, and an OBP of .776, nonetheless many people were still unsatisfied with his home run total. Now, after Bogaerts hit his first home run of the 2016 season against Toronto on Saturday to help the Red Sox to a 4-2 victory, the topic of his power is coming back into play.

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Did Clay Buchholz Inherit the Even Year Curse?


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.54.33 PM
Image from: bdcwire.com

I was going to try and do a write up every week on the Red Sox and how they panned out over the last seven days of play. However, after Clay Buchholz’s start last night I couldn’t wait that long to write out my angst. Could this just have been one bad start to begin the 2016 season for Clay Buchholz, or is this a potential ongoing pattern to worry about for the upcoming season?

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The Implications of the Sox’s Opening Day DL


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.03.21 PM
Image from: Boston Herald – Matt Stone

The countdown is now at six days until the Red Sox open up their highly anticipated 2016 campaign.They are finalizing their roster and four players are officially on the opening day disabled list. While you never want to see anyone start off your season on the DL, we are lucky the timetables of the injured shouldn’t be too long. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for the 2016 Red Sox in the early months or longer down the road.

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Dilemma at the Hot Corner

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.44.08 PM
Image from: Getty Images- Michael Ivins / Boston Red Sox

Some may say it is too early to make a choice. However, how many opportunities can you give? And how long does John Farrell have to make the correct coaching decision? Pablo Sandoval has been the storyline since the day he walked into spring training. At first, the uproar coming from Red Sox Nation was about his waistline. Now the headline is whether or not he is deserving of starting at the hot corner come opening day.

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