Bruins Trade Deadline Long Term Bust

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Image from: Behind The B on NESN

It is now been five quiet days since the Bruins trade deadline. The fact that barely any talk about our new acquisitions has been flooding the streets of Boston shows how little we actually did. The Bruins 34-23-6 record before the trade deadline put them at 3rd in the Atlantic Division and 5th in the Eastern Conference. There was a major need for a defensive overhaul and Loui Eriksson was the answer to solving this necessity.

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Small Time Hockey, One Big Tradition


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Image from: Getty Images

It has now been three long days since the Beanpot ended, and the championship game ending was one that will be fresh in our memories for a while. The game that was to determine the Beanpot champion was played between Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU). The thriller ended 1-0 in an overtime win for Boston College off of sophomore Alex Tuch’s no look wrist shot from the right of the slot. The shot just snuck by BU’s goalie Sean Maguire, who was seemingly having an unbeatable night. The victory claimed BC’s 20th Beanpot title and concluded the 64th annual tradition in movie-like fashion.

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