Andrew Benintendi Call-Up May Be Sooner Rather Than Later

Boston Red Sox valuable prospect Andrew Benintendi could be getting geared up for a potential big league promotion this year. The 9th ranked MLB prospect, according to Baseball America, has made the switch from center field to left on Friday.

Image from: Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer
Prior to Friday, he has played center field during his entire tenure so far in the Minor Leagues. However, the switch to left field could be a sign that the Red Sox are getting ready for a late season call up.

Dombrowski has made it clear that he isn’t afraid to promote a player to the Majors directly from Double A. If Benintendi was to get called up to play left, the Red Sox would then be able to move Brock Holt to the former utility role he used to fill. Which, personally, I think was an invaluable asset he used to provide the Red Sox.

Benintendi in 55 games with Portland is batting .280/. 343/.478/.822 with six homers, 15 doubles, four triples and 33 RBIs. This year for both High-A Salem and Portland he has posted a .304/. 371/. 512/. 883 line with seven homers, 28 doubles, 11 triples and 65 RBIs in 89 games.

The defensive adjustment seems to be the only concern regarding a potential call up. How long the adjustment will take could be a determining factor as to when his call up will be. It shouldn’t be a tough adjustment for the 22-year-old, but if he needs more time to adapt, there is no rush, as Brock Holt has been a reliable left fielder.

Although, I think a Benintendi call up for left, and switching Holt back to his super-utility role can be a huge asset for the team during a tight playoff race, and potentially during the playoffs.

All of this, of course, only matters if Benintendi isn’t part of a Chris Sale deal.


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