Red Hot Red Sox

Every Red Sox fan and baseball fan knows that the Red Sox’s offensive numbers are not maintainable. However, it seems as if the team is constantly trying to shut everyone up, by putting up an average of 10 runs per game.

The Red Sox just went last week on a 6-1 stretch during their 7 game homestand, averaged 10.4 runs, 73 total runs, 100 hits, 13 home runs, and 28 doubles.It is the 3rd highest run average during a homestand of 7 or more games, since 1900.

At the moment, the Red Sox have scored 229 runs in the past 38 games this year, which puts them in first for runs scored in both the American League and National League. They are on pace to score 976 runs this season, which would be 14th most by any team in over a hundred years, and 4th most since 1990.

Through 38 games this year’s team has scored the 5th most runs in Red Sox franchise history. The 73 runs the Red Sox have put across the board during the latest homestand are the most since the 2003 Red Sox team who scored 75 runs when the Tigers and World Series Champion Marlins came to town. But I’m not entirely sure that homestand can be seen to be more impressive, as one of those games against the Marlins, the Sox recorded 25 runs, which skewed their average run total during that seven-day stretch.

I can’t get enough of this offensive powerhouse of a team. Granted I know that it is absolutely absurd to believe 10.4 runs a game can be sustainable through the entire season. But, if they can put together a handful of series just like they did this homestand, this team we are watching is something special. If the Red Sox can give us a few offensive streaks like that, it gives us leeway with potential pitching struggles, fielding, and even coaching. Not only does this type of Red Sox offense generate convincing wins, but it also takes a lot of pressure off of different aspects of their game, which won’t always be performing well simultaneously.

Hey Sox, let’s keep this offense going.


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