All Bets On Bennett

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The Patriots are at it again, under the reign of Bill Belichick. Another low risk, high reward off-season move could be the answer to recreating the Gronkowski / Hernandez tandem since Hernandez’s incarceration. The New England Patriots have acquired tight end Martellus Bennett, from the Chicago Bears. The Bears, who have had some controversy with Bennett, suspending him for social media violations and various missed workout absences, gladly made the deal with New England. They gave away the tight end for a fourth-round draft pick while giving New England back a sixth-round pick (with late round compensation still being discussed).

The Patriots are no strangers when it comes to stacking up two-tight ends, dating back to the Aaron Hernandez – Rob Gronkowski successful duo. They have tried to re-create a dynamic duo, with Gronk and Tim Wright/ Scott Chandler, however, neither matched the domination that Gronk used to have with Hernandez. Could Martellus Bennett help reinvent this two-tight end set magic?

Martellus Bennett’s 2015 season was not much to look at, putting up only 53 receptions with 439 yards, three touchdowns, five missed games, and plenty of controversy. However, in the prior year, Bennett was a much different player. Bennett was a Pro Bowler having 90 receptions, averaging more than 10 yards per catch, and scoring 6 touchdowns.

If Bennett can avoid his antics of the past and perform like he did two seasons ago, we may see something special from the 2016 New England Patriots. The potential for the Bennett and Gronk tight end set can be one that gives defensive coordinators nightmares. If it does not work out, no worries, he will just join Wright and Chandler, the other failed Hernandez replacements.

Risk versus reward doesn’t always work. Nevertheless, when you continuously make low risk, high reward strategic moves, eventually you are going to find that high reward. Will Bennett be that high reward? If you ask me, all my bets are on Bennett!

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