Small Time Hockey, One Big Tradition


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Image from: Getty Images

It has now been three long days since the Beanpot ended, and the championship game ending was one that will be fresh in our memories for a while. The game that was to determine the Beanpot champion was played between Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU). The thriller ended 1-0 in an overtime win for Boston College off of sophomore Alex Tuch’s no look wrist shot from the right of the slot. The shot just snuck by BU’s goalie Sean Maguire, who was seemingly having an unbeatable night. The victory claimed BC’s 20th Beanpot title and concluded the 64th annual tradition in movie-like fashion.

The Boston Beanpot is one of Boston’s many great sporting traditions. It has been something Boston hockey fans are always excited for. It is a four-team tournament involving Boston University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, and Boston College. It takes place during the first two weeks in February and generally bridges a gap between what some may call a down time in the sports world of Boston.

The Beanpot is just one of the many great sporting events in which our city exemplifies its appreciation of sports. Even if one is not an avid fan or follower of one of the respective teams or their historic tradition, it is something any Bostonian can find him or herself watching with pure joy. What other tournament brings local schools together for a short tournament that brings a city together, and provides such an intensive and competitive atmosphere?

There is nothing special behind how the Beanpot is run or how it affects the overall collegiate hockey season for the teams. I keep thinking to myself: why don’t other heavily college populated cities run a similar tournament? Why must I explain to everyone that surrounds me in New Jersey what the tournament is, and explain why it excites even though there is no true significance behind it other than bragging rights for being a Beanpot champion? What I come to realize is people who aren’t from Boston just won’t understand. Boston is a city built on tradition and being a close-knit community, this could be why the tournament seems foreign to outsiders. However, this is one of the beauties of this tournament and what sports means to our city. We don’t need to brag to others, we don’t need to talk a big game, we just appreciate how sports brings us together and makes a stronger local community. This is something that cannot be explained to Boston outsiders, and I feel bad for all of those who don’t appreciate our outlook on sports. So, thank you Beanpot for continuing to do what you do best, giving another reason why I will never stray from being passionate about Boston Sports.


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