With Success Comes Boos

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.30.12 PM
Image from: USA Today

Well, it’s that time of year again. The NFL’s football season has officially come to a close. The Broncos have won the Super Bowl and Peyton Manning has received his second Super Bowl ring, despite the fact that he only throws ducks and duds nowadays. Way to go, Peyton, you earned it, no need to thank Von Miller.

No one from Boston ever wants to see Peyton Manning or any Manning win a Super Bowl, as Tom Brady has had quite the history in the playoffs with both Eli and Peyton. However, surprisingly it wasn’t Peyton hoisting the Lombardi trophy that upset me and the rest of New England. In fact, the reason why I sat watching the entire Super Bowl game frustrated was from the pre-game ceremony in which they were honoring all of the Super Bowl MVPs, as it was Super Bowl 50. The entire stadium erupted with such a forceful and negative reaction as Brady came out to join the other MVPs. There was no foundation for the booing and such classlessness.

Brady walked into that ceremony with three of those Super Bowl MVP awards represented (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX) and helped Deion Branch get his own MVP award (XXXIX) earning him a spot in the ceremony as well. However, with everything that happened last summer with the Ted Well’s “Deflategate” investigation and the “more probable than not” verdict, the NFL has found a way to turn everyone against Brady. It is no longer Brady vs. his next opponent; it’s Brady vs. the entire NFL and everyone who isn’t a Patriots fan.

Brady is well aware of his new perception the NFL has created for him, and on top of this perception winning 4 Super Bowls and 3 Super Bowl MVP’s, and having 22 playoff wins is not going to make you the most beloved guy in the league. But, no one can take away how Tom Brady walked out when being introduced. The boo’s were loud enough to hear if you muted your television set, but that did not stop him from walking like the true legend he is and with a huge smile he wore on his face. Deep down, I think Brady understands why everyone is so fast to jump on all the accusations of Deflategate and make him one of the least liked players in the game today. It’s because he is the GOAT (greatest of all time) and no matter how loud others boo, his four Super Bowl rings will remain on his hand.

I bet you Peyton is happy that he is still two Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVP’s away from having to worry about being booed.


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